Susan Montgomery, Adult Category Contest Winner

The two boys I worked with for this project are both survivors of violence. one is 7 and the other 12. I too, am a victim of a violent crime. I have used art healing in the past and thought taking pictures and using ways to implement them in my work would not only help me but help them. we shared moments of peace, sadness, happiness and experiences. we came up with ways to incorporate more activities in our neighborhoods of positive than negative by doing such a project yet also realized the barriers and struggles for us as well as others. the reason i chose this title was because at the moment this picture was take. The boys and I were all in a “break free” moment. Stepping out of reality to share our “peace” for the project yet not realizing we were at peace with ourself and each other too. It was a good experience. They wished more kids had access to such things instead of being exposed to negative. The 12 year old. Ezra Blevins, brother Terrell Mayes was shot on Dec 26 2011. I not only took pics. but included them on ideas and we all talked about plans on continue to work on projects. His biggest thing was having guns of the street. HE had great ideas the day we went out, as well as my son, who they have become close buddies since I started mentoring him. They had a chance to be themselves, use there own words, live out of the box, and set examples in there environment with out concern for racism, safety or other unjust issues. I am very proud of them. We had other photos. But didn’t know if one was allowed. So I chose this one to start.

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