Reyna Urbano, Youth Category Contest Winner

Freedom, quiet, and tranquility are the synonyms of peace. Peace can have many definitions, it just depends on a person’s perspective. Our definition of peace is when people can live in harmony with each other no matter what color, size, or beliefs they may have. When a person can look beyond another person’s appearance they can find their inner beauty.

In the picture both of the hands are reaching to one another to show diversity. Even though both of the hands are Hispanic they are trying to over come and close the gap that people have created. The picture was taken in the Phillips neighborhood, a place where a lot of diversity is seen. This picture of the hands can be a great symbol of peace.

My cousin Fatima and I Reyna, were part of the Young Leaders Program at St. Paul Lutheran Church were we worked in the community to make it a safer and better place. When we heard about this project we were really excited to be part of it because Peace is one of our court values as well as Courage, Hope, and Humility. Thank you for this opportunity to explore the dimensions of peace.

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