Picturing Peace is a collaborative community engagement and photography project that explores youth violence, peace and safety, and community support for young people.

The project was developed by the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support and the Downtown Improvement District to involve young people in recognizing community elements fostering peace, rather than violence. Through a two month training program, youth were educated in youth violence, trained in photojournalism, equipped with cameras, and set on a mission to document their world. The youth then photographed people, places, ideas and things inspiring peace in their neighborhoods. The images they captured are being displayed on utility boxes in downtown Minneapolis, and in Minneapolis public libraries throughout the summer.

Youth violence is a serious problem. Picturing Peace hopes to raise awareness about youth violence and inspire residents to make communities safer for young people. Learn more about the project, visit the exhibits, and start Picturing Peace along with us.


Participating Agencies:

Planning and execution –¬†

Downtown Improvement District 

Minneapolis Department of Health & Family Support

Community Blueprint

Youth Partners –¬†

North Community YMCA

Division of Indian Work