Picturing Peace #10

I’m Jerrell. I’m 16 and I like to sing love songs.  During my free time, I like to play video games, basketball, football, read romantic books and sing love songs.  The reason I joined photovoice was my interest in taking pictures.  I love singing more than taking pictures but I have a passion for both.  I’ll take pictures of a heart warming scenery.
My name is Jerrell and I took this picture for Picturing Peace because these kids are really what an example of friendship should look like. We really shouldn’t be out here hating on one another we should actually just be like these kids. If we can’t be friends, then what are we, really. I mean, these kids right here, they look better than us nowadays. They look better than the teenagers, adults, everybody. Why aren’t they the ones that we should look up to
You can view this photo on a utility box here in downtown Minneapolis.


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